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Cell phones are an ubiquitous fact of modern life. These little packages of information can bring us massive headaches, but also incredible convenience and innovation. For the modern student, being able to facilitate research, studying, and the academic life with a few well-picked apps is a lifesaver. The following apps could be lifesavers, and are must-haves for every law student. Take a look and maybe you’ll find your academic life transformed.

Reference Materials

Blacks Law Dictionary

The Black’s Law Dictionary is the authoritative dictionary for professionals in the US field of law. The dictionary was first published in 1891, and continues to practically serve as a bible for practitioners in the US.  And today, it has an app form. This is a prohibitively expensive app – at nearly $60 it’s practically the same as purchasing a solid copy of the Dictionary – but you can’t argue with the convenience.


Burton’s Legal Thesaurus

Burton’s Legal Thesaurus is among the most cited resources in law. The physical book is one of the most essential materials for lawyers, despite first being published just 40 years ago. It quickly became a dependable tool in every lawyer’s belt. This is another pricy app, topping out at $50, but is well worth it.


Research Tools


FastCase is a comprehensive legal database that earned an American Association of Law Libraries Award. This tool provides a number of excellent research options, including filtering and data visualization features.


Oyez is one of the most popular websites for law students. It was the brain-child of a Chicago-Kent College of Law professor, who wanted to provide students with easy access to the US Supreme Court Archives. Since first development, the resource has grown to encompass even audios of arguments, news articles, and other relevant materials. For anyone interested in closer understanding of the highest court, this is invaluable.


Scanner Pro

This is not inherently related to the legal field, but this is an eminently useful application for students of all kinds. Scanner Pro is a tool that takes high-quality images, and allows you to save, transfer, organize files on your device. For the sheer volume of paper resources that students deal with, this is perfect for a handheld method of saving the most important parts of your research.


Applications of all kinds are constantly developing and innovating the learning process. Technology in general is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and the usefulness of these apps can’t be underestimated. For any law student or practicing professional, at least one of these could find itself the perfect app for your needs.